Learning a new language feels vulnerable. At Alternative French, we create a safe space for you to learn and expand your world through French.

Together, we create a personalized experience using multiple class formats and adapting content so you can fully blossom in French.

Schedule & Lifestyle

Having a busy work schedule, or running a household with kids makes learning a new language challenging to fit into your life.
From live one-to-one classes to self-paced courses, the programs have been developed to meet your needs and schedule. 

Motivation & Commitment

Maintaining motivation and commitment is hard when there isn’t a quality structure to support your learning journey.
At Alternative French, we make sure you remain engaged by offering interactive content based on real-life situations.

Raising Confidence

Trying to communicate in a new language can feel overwhelming. The fear and discomfort of not being able to express yourself can keep you from moving forward. 
By providing a safe environment to practice in, we help you move past your fears so interacting in French becomes enjoyable.

“Elia is a dedicated, creative, and highly skilled French language teacher. Her teaching techniques are current and relevant. She goes out of her way to find content that is meaningful to her students.”

Andrea H.

Self-Paced Courses

Beginners & Refreshers

6-week Online Courses

Self-Paced Programs

Content released weekly

One-to-One Sessions

Beginner and Advanced Levels

Online Sessions

Customized Materials

Content Access prior to classes

Embodied Learning

Intermediate to Advanced Levels

New Online Approaches to Learning

Personalized Yoga Sessions

Quarterly Women’s Book Club

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