What is Embodied Learning ?

Embodied learning is a global approach that utilizes immersive experiences for better retention.

By bridging your areas of curiosity with learning French, you allow your subconscious to be exposed and sink into the target language, improving your skills at another level.

Explore Yoga & Mindfulness in French

Engage your body and enhance your French with personalized yoga sessions.

    • Grow your vocabulary repertoire
    • Expand your areas of expression
    • Meet your body in French
    • Take a break during your day while still practicing French

Practice French through Reading

Stretch your horizons by diving into Francophone literature.

    • Explore new topics
    • Take your reading skills to the next level
    • Become more confident expressing your ideas in French
    • Interact and exchange your views with other participants

Join our next term and discuss a variety of books with other like-minded women.

Our next term will be running from September 2023 – April 2024 :

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