Who is the Self-Guided for? 

You want to learn French for personal reasons or professional purposes and need flexibility.
What if French could become a new means to connect with co-workers, relatives, or friends?
You’re a parent who has children enrolled in French programs or immersion school and you don’t feel confident enough to assist them in their education.
What if you could start to show up more supportively in your children’s learning process?

Learn at your own pace

Thanks to the self-paced course for beginners, learn the basics of French when it best suits you.

Grow your confidence

Practice along with the weekly model interactions and gradually build your confidence in speaking French.

Become comfortable 

Focus on a different situation of communication every week and become comfortable talking about your personal environment & interacting in French.

The six-week course curriculum

Week 1: Greetings and introducing yourself  

Week 2: Introducing your family members

Week 3: Expressing your likes and talking about your favorite activities

Week 4: Registering for an activity 

Week 5: Inviting a friend to go out

Week 6: Ordering food at a restaurant


“I would definitely recommend Elia (and this class) to anyone who would like to learn French at every level. I like Elia’s approach to teaching and interacting with the students and I also liked how the class was able to progress from week to week.”

Salma A-S.

Still have questions or want to learn more?